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Evolution of the size of the geographical range

Recent publications

  • García-Vázquez, D., Bilton, D.T., Foster, G.N. & Ribera, I. (2017) Pleistocene range shifts, refugia and the origin of widespread species in Western Palaearctic water beetles. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 114: 122-136 [pdf]
  • García-Vázquez, D. & Ribera, I. (2016) The origin of widespread species in a poor dispersing lineage (diving beetle genus Deronectes). PeerJ, 4:e2514. [pdf].
  • Hidalgo-Galiana, A., Monge, M.m Biron, D.G., Canals, F., Ribera, I. & Cieslak, A. (2016) Protein expression parallels thermal tolerance and ecologic changes in the diversification of a diving beetle species complex. Heredity 116: 114-123. [pdf][sup1][sup2].[heredity podcast from 11'15"][mp3 file]
  • Hidalgo-Galiana, A., Sánchez-Fernández, D., Bilton, D.T., Cieslak, A. & Ribera, I. (2014) Thermal niche evolution and geographic range expansion in a species complex of western Mediterranean diving beetles. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 14: 187.
  • Hidalgo-Galiana, A., Monge, M., Biron, D.G., Canals, F., Ribera, I. & Cieslak, A.( 2014) Reproducibility and consistency of proteomic experiments on natural populations of a non-model aquatic insect species. PLoS ONE, 9(8): e104734
  • Sánchez-Fernández, D., Lobo, J.M., Millán, A. & Ribera, I. (2012) Habitat type mediates equilibrium with climatic conditions in the distribution of Iberian diving beetles. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 21: 988-997 [pdf].
  • Abellán, P. & Ribera, I. (2011) Geographic location and phylogeny are the main determinants of the size of the geographical range in aquatic beetles, BMC Evolutionary Biology, 11: 344. [pdf] [supp.1] [supp.2] [supp.3].
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  • Cieslak, A. & Ribera, I. (2009) Aplicaciones de proteómica en ecología y evolución. Ecosistemas 18(1): 34-43.[request a pdf]