Water and Cave Beetle Evolution Lab
Animal Biodiversity and Evolution Programme
Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (CSIC-UPF)
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Phylogeny, taxonomy and biogeography of different lineages of water beetles

Research lines

  • Species-population level phylogenies-phylogeographies of Hydroporini, Agabini and Holarctic Hydraenidae
  • Taxonomy and biogeography of Moroccan and Iberian water beetles
  • Conservation of aquatic Coleoptera
  • Taxonomy of Limnichidae
  • Taxonomy and phylogeny of Aspidytidae & Meruidae
  • Taxonomy and phylogeny of Dytiscidae
  • Phylogeny of the genera of Hydraenidae
  • Phylogeny of the families of Dryopoidea
  • Phylogeny of W Palaearctic Hydrochus
  • Phylogeny of Coleoptera