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Peer-reviewed indexed (SCI) journals:

  • Gómez-Zurita, J. 2019. Assessment of the role of Wolbachia in mtDNA paraphyly and the evolution of unisexuality in Calligrapha (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Ecol. Evol. (in press).
  • Gómez-Zurita, J. & Cardoso, A. 2019. Phylogeographic assessment of mtDNA paraphyly and the evolution of unisexuality in Calligrapha (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). J. Zool. Syst. Evol. Res. 57: 561-579.
  • Gómez-Zurita, J. 2018. Systematic revision of Central American Calligrapha Chevrolat of the subgenus Erythrographa subgen. nov. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae, Chrysomelinae). Zootaxa 4531: 1-58.
  • Gómez-Zurita, J. 2018. Description of Kumatoeides gen. nov. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae, Eumolpinae) from New Caledonia. Zootaxa 4521: 89-115.
  • Gómez-Zurita, J. 2017. Insights on the genus Acronymolpus Samuelson with new synonymies and exclusion of Stethotes Baly from the fauna of New Caledonia (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae, Eumolpinae). ZooKeys 720: 65-75. [pdf]
  • Vizán-Rico, H.I. & Gómez-Zurita, J. 2017. Testis-specific RNA-Seq of Calligrapha (Chrysomelidae) as a transcriptomic resource for male-biased gene inquiry in Coleoptera. Mol. Ecol. Res. 17: 533-545.
  • De la Cadena, G., Papadopoulou, A., Maes, J.-M. & Gómez-Zurita, J. 2017. Evaluation of bias on the assessment of diet breadth of herbivorous insects using molecular methods. Insect Sci. 24: 194-209.
  • Nguyen, D.T. & Gómez-Zurita, J. 2017. Diversity and trophic ecology of the Monoleptites group (Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae, Luperini) in the Núi Chúa National Park (S Vietnam) with description of new species of Monolepta Chevrolat and Paleosepharia Laboissière. J. Asia-Pacific Ent. 20: 65-87.
  • Tuset, V.M., Otero-Ferrer, J.L., Gómez-Zurita, J., Venerus, L.A., Stransky, C., Imondi, R., Orlov, A.M., Ye, Z., Santschi, L., Afanasiev, P.K., Zhuang, L., Farré, M., Love, M.S. & Lombarte, A. 2016. Otolith shape lends support to the sensory drive hypothesis in rockfishes. J. Evol. Biol. 29: 2083-2097.
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  • Gómez-Zurita, J. 2016. Systematic revision of Calligrapha Chevrolat (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) with pale spots on dark elytra and description of two new species. Zootaxa 4072: 61-89.
  • Montagna, M., Gómez-Zurita, J., Giorgi, A., Epis, S., Lozzia, G. & Bandi, C. 2015. Metamicrobiomics in herbivore beetles of the genus Cryptocephalus (Chrysomelidae): toward the understanding of ecological determinants in insect symbiosis. Insect Sci. 22: 340-352.
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Peer-reviewed non-indexed journals:

  • Merckx, J., Van Roie, M., Gómez-Zurita, J. & Dekoninck, W. 2018. From theory to practice: a photographic inventory of museum collections to optimize collection management. Biodiversity Informatics 13: 38-48. [pdf]
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Book chapters:

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  • Gómez-Zurita, J. 2013. The beauty of beetles. International Innovation Oct. 2013: 86-88. [pdf]

Non peer-reviewed journals:

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Book reviews:

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