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Simulation of offspring genotypes from a SNPs file for their use in relatedness analysis
About GetCrosses

Version 0.5b, March 2017

Authors: Jose Castresana & Lídia Escoda

GetCrosses is a computer program written in Perl scripting language that simulates offspring genotypes from a SNPs file for their use in relatedness analysis. Simulations are performed along given pedigrees. Following these pedigrees, individuals are computationally crossed by randomly selecting one allele of each locus from each parent to generate the alleles of a new individual. The new individuals generated in this manner are added to the output file and can be crossed with other individuals of the pedigree.
  • Escoda, L., González-Esteban, J., Gómez, A., and Castresana, J. (2017). Using relatedness networks to infer contemporary dispersal: application to the endangered mammal Galemys pyrenaicus. Molecular Ecology 26, 3343-3357.

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GetCrosses can be used in any operating system with a Perl interpreter.

The software and its accompanying documentation are provided as is, without guarantee of support or maintenance.

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