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Gblocks Server

Selection of conserved blocks from multiple alignments for their use in phylogenetic analysis
About the Gblocks Server

Version 0.91b, January 2002

Copyright © Jose Castresana

Gblocks eliminates poorly aligned positions and divergent regions of a DNA or protein alignment so that it becomes more suitable for phylogenetic analysis. This server implements the most important features of the Gblocks program to make its use as simple as possible without loosing the functionality that it is necessary in most of the cases. Other options can be changed in the stand-alone program. You can see here an example output file showing the blocks selected from a protein alignment. Further information can be found in the online documentation. Please see the Gblocks page for citations.

Gblocks Server

Paste an alignment in NBRF/PIR or FASTA format:

Or upload an alignment file:

Type of sequence:
DNA || Protein || Codons

Options for a less stringent selection:
Allow smaller final blocks
Allow gap positions within the final blocks
Allow less strict flanking positions

Options for a more stringent selection:
Do not allow many contiguous nonconserved positions

The software and its accompanying documentation are provided as is, without guarantee of support or maintenance.

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